Wirefree Lighting With Solar Power

Solar Power Lighting

More people are reducing their carbon footprint with clever use of solar power lighting which is ideally suited for applications where hard wired installation is expensive or impractical.

Many security lighting requirements involve the necessity to run mains power to the site of the light units, making installation expensive and time consuming.

The advances in solar power technology in the past few years has developed and enhanced the performance of wirefree solar lighting units, meaning that even in standard UK weather conditions, with cloudy, overcast, dull days with no direct sunlight, modern solar units have the capacity to harvest sufficient energy to provide stable lighting even in winter months when days are shorter and nights are at their longest.

The days of substandard solar power products are over. If you take care to choose better quality solar lighting (from suppliers such as: http://www.bestgardensolarlights.com) rather than buying on price and getting cheap products sold online without any consideration for their application and usage, you will end up with great lighting that works as required.

Technology advances also allow for smaller solar panels which can be integrated into individual decking lights and garden path lighting for example, making them very flexible to install wherever you choose.