Hitchin Window Shutter Installers

Plantation Shutters

Plantation window shutters are one of the current must haves for homeowners. Hitchin in Hertfordshire has seen significant growth in recent years and the influx of new homeowners has driven the growth in shutter installations in the area.

Window shutters offer not just style and elegance, but additional security, flexible shading and reduced heat loss in winter.

Choose from hardwood in a variety of finishes or painted colours or MDF shutters also in a selection of colours and finishes.

Shutters can transform a room and have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your decor.

With flexibility and control over how much light you let into your room, you have far more options that traditional curtains, either open or closed.

Plantation shutters can give privacy while still allowing light in, as well as offering security lockable versions so you can leave windows open for fresh air but stop any would be intruders from gaining access.

Shutters come in a range of styles, from half height ‘cafe’ style, through full height, full height split, and even specialist shutters for almost any window shape or unusual installation.

High quality shutters are less expensive than you think and are excellent value for money.

First Aid Skills Save lives

First Aid Training

In the modern world, it’s never been more important to learn first aid. Companies are reuired by law to have staff trained in first aid & the number of qualified personnel depends on the size of the company.

This provision makes the workplace a safer place to be, as there will always be a trained life saver on site to help with any health emergencies that may occur.

Being able to respond quickly in an emergency is often vital to the longer term recovery and Continue reading First Aid Skills Save lives

Modern Building Construction

Modern Building Construction

Traditional construction has embraced gradual change over the last 50 years or so. A notable change has been the huge increase in in the use of plastics in almost all areas, from ground work to roofline from insulation to plumbing.

Once the groundwork foundations are dug, plastic drainage pipes are laid. These are normally, for house building purposes 110mm in diameter, and are made in 3 and 6 metre lengths.

A variety of bends, from 15% to 90% are available to allow flow flexibility. Junction pieces to conjoin pipes are made in Continue reading Modern Building Construction

High Availability

High Availability

The quest for High Availability, or HA, has become a little likened to the search for the elixir of life.

As reliance on computing systems has grown, so has the need to supply the provision of a level of service required.

In computing, availability is usually reckoned to be the period of time required for the system to respond to users, say, a one second response time, or the duration of when the services are available, say, Continue reading High Availability

Motoring Insurance

Motoring Insurance

There are many crimes relating to cars and drivers, but one of the most fundamental is not to have your car insured.

There are a growing number of drivers who are avoiding buying car insurance, perhaps not even realising that to drive without it is a criminal offence.

These drivers are a liability to all other road users, and indeed, themselves, pushing the burden of the cost of premiums onto law-abiding motorists.

Non insurance situations can happen by ignorance or mistakes, or by those who Continue reading Motoring Insurance

Wirefree Lighting With Solar Power

Solar Power Lighting

More people are reducing their carbon footprint with clever use of solar power lighting which is ideally suited for applications where hard wired installation is expensive or impractical.

Many security lighting requirements involve the necessity to run mains power to the site of the light units, making installation expensive and time consuming.

The advances in solar power technology in the past few years has developed and enhanced the performance of wirefree solar lighting units, meaning that even in standard UK weather conditions, with Continue reading Wirefree Lighting With Solar Power